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creating natural yet artistic custom designed artwork for your home to treasure for a lifetime.



It was back in 2011 when a little fluff ball who we named Bailey came into our lives. She fit right in our family and little did I know she was going to change my life. I have loved dogs as long as I can remember, but this dog...! She was my constant shadow and I was hers we were inseparable. The pure joy this dog brought me was indescribable. You know the feeling right!?

​Walks, car rides, visits, agility, training, river days and of course cuddles were our many past times. I took her everywhere and that was saying a lot considering she was over 90 pounds. When we went on these trips my camera was always glued to my eye taking pictures of our adventures together. I’ve never had a shortage of pictures to show everyone.

​Long story short I loved this dog and wanted the best of the best for her as all of us pet lovers do. I tried to protect her, but this just wasn't enough she ended up getting sick and we spent a long year and a half, and a countless amount of money fighting to get her better. We lost, she told me she was tired and we ended up losing the battle. I then had to make the hardest decision of my life so far. I had to let my best friend go. I miss her just as much to this day which is almost 7 years ago! She was only 5.5 years old and never got to live out her doggie life to the full extent which makes my heart break, but things happen for a reason and I feel that this loss brought to my attention that I now need to help others, just like you make sure that you have photos to treasure of your furry family member.

​Unfortunatly it is inevitable and time is our enemy when it comes to our pets. I can not slow this process, but I am here and I want to be able to capture the indescribable joy that we all feel when looking at our fur babies and bring it to life all over again for you time and time again when you look at your custom designed artwork up on your wall.

If you have a puppy with that gleem in her eye or the senior pet that has been there for you through thick and thin, there are images that need to be captured and treasured for a life time. That is what I am here for! I know what its like to lose, but I also know they don't ever really leave our hearts so I want to keep your pets memory alive and beautiful no matter how old or what their story is. I want to cuddle all the animals, hear your stories and create something incredibly special for you and your family.


"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"

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